Digitalization of Municipal Councils in times of Covid-19

Continuing work under Covid-19 conditions is a challenge for all organizations, including municipal councils. But thanks to engagement from the Swiss project “Empowering Municipal Councils” implemented by UNDP and AFO (Association of Financial Officers) and ZELS, the Government of North Macedonia issued a Decree which enabled use of digital tools in organizing Municipal Councils’ meetings. Some municipal councils in the country have successfully used this opportunity and continued their work through online council sessions.

Municipal Councils in Tetovo, Bitola and Centar are just few of the councils in the country that have promptly adopted new technologies and transformed their work on-line to effectively address citizens needs at the local level during these difficult times.

In addition to the on-line sessions, the project has offered several e-tools which are at the disposal of a number of municipalities, that enable them to perform their function better and to increase the level of transparency of the municipal councils in general.

The following video shows how Municipal Councils managed to take their work online and how they use the other e-tools that were made available to them through the “Empowering Municipal Councils” project.