Empowered Councils and Financial Support for Community Projects

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The main objective of the "Empowering Municipal Councils" project is to support municipalities in achieving greater openness and inclusiveness, helping to build public trust in local institutions.

What we want to archieve

Lastest news

02 Mar 2023
Community Forums have started in 10 municipalities supported through the "Empowering of Municipal Councils" project

the Community Forums have started last week in the first ten partner municipalities as part of the second phase of the project "Empowering Municipal Councils". In the next two months,…

11 Feb 2023
Annual activities of the project "Empowering Municipal Councils" have been defined

In the past two days, annual workshop was held for planning of the activities that will be implemented during  2023 within the "Empowering Municipal Councils" project. The project team had…

03 Feb 2023
25 moderators of Community Forums were awarded certificates within the frameworks of the project “Empowering Municipal Councils”

Skopje, 03.02.2023 – Citizens of 40 municipalities will decide what kind of projects should be realized in their place of residence by participating in Community Forums in the following couple…

20 Dec 2022
The Coordination Body for Monitoring the Implementation of the Program for Sustainable Local Development and Decentralization began its operations

The constituent session of the Coordination Body for Monitoring the Implementation of the 2021-2026 Program for Sustainable Local Development and Decentralization, including the Program’s Action Plans, was held today in…

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