The first mobile application to help and support victims of violence “Be Safe” available to all

The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy together with UNDP created the first mobile application to help and support victims of violence, “Be Safe”, available in three languages: Macedonian, Albanian and Romani.

The app will help victims of domestic violence seek help and support quickly and easily, no matter when or where they are at risk or in need of support.

By turning on the geolocator with just one click, the victims send their mobile phone number and the exact location where they are to the National SOS line for victims of domestic violence. Immediately afterwards, the victim will be contacted by the responsible persons.

The application is most needed right now, in a time of corona crisis, when there is a risk that cases of domestic violence will increase.

Through the option “Important contacts” a person can contact all institutions and citizens’ associations that provide assistance and support to victims of all types of gender-based violence.

This application offers many possibilities, including the option for users to choose support numbers from their phonebook, family member, authority, institution, NGO or any other person they trust.

The application also has educational and informative contents, including information on the rights of victims, practical advice on protection, personal testimonies of victims, as well as the entire protocol for cooperation between the competent institutions and associations for protection and prevention of domestic violence.

The application is available for use by all smartphones.

More detailed information is available on the following link: