Through the Community Forums in Gjorche Petrov, the pathways to the schools were lit and in Krushevo the multifunctional hall was fully equipped.

On July 5, at the forum sessions held in Gjorche Petrov and Krushevo, the implemented projects selected through the Community Forums which were organized within the project “Empowering Municipal Councils” were presented to the citizens of these municipalities.

Through the process of Community Forums and direct participation of the citizens of the Municipality of Gjorce Petrov, the project “With mobility to inclusion through safely lit pathways” was implemented, which provided safe access to public educational institutions in the municipality.

As part of this initiative, the entrances and exits of the six municipal primary schools and two facilities of the kindergarten Rosica are safely lit. A 1,200-meter-long pathway was lit, and 71 lamp posts and 92 lamps were installed.

At the forum session in Krushevo, the implementation of the project “Equipping a multifunctional hall in the Municipality of Krushevo” was presented.

In order to bring the culture closer to all citizens of the Municipality of Krushevo and to introduce new cultural content that will contribute to building an inclusive culture and attracting more tourists throughout the year, through this project the multifunctional hall for film projections and theatrical performances, but also for holding meetings, lectures, presentations, performances, etc., was fully equipped.

Specifically, through this project, the multifunctional hall was equipped with auditorium chairs, acoustic curtain, projector, canvas, projection system, audio sound system, as well as a stair lift intended for people with disabilities.

The implementation of these projects in Gjorche Petrov and Krushevo was made possible through a grant from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation in the amount of 50,000 Swiss francs for each municipality, and they were implemented by the United Nations Development Program – UNDP in partnership with the municipalities.

Within the project “Empowering Municipal Councils” funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and implemented by UNDP in cooperation with local partners, a total of 1.2 million Swiss francs are reserved for grants aimed at implementing priority initiatives in all 24 municipalities participating in the project.